Lets take a look at some applications for the positioner.


The drawing above depicts a Cobot with 47″ of reach. The blue positioner is locked into (position #1) this allows the Cobot to reach the left half of the part. Once finished with this half the positioner is moved to the green position allowing it to reach the right half of the part.


Other Applications

  • Material handling / Packaging
  • Machine tending
  • Caulking
  • Polish/grind
  • Sort and inspect parts
  • Paint
  • Screwing and bolting

Why Cobot-Reach?

Multiple stations can be reached allowing for higher efficiency when collaborating with people. With Cobot Reach multiple stations can be used in welding, assembly, Calking, and other applications for higher throughput, and   faster ROI. The diagram to the right depicts a 3 station layout. Workers can be prepping operation at one or more station while the Cobot operates at the other with full reach of the cobot at each station as depicted to the right.