How it works

The positioner is fabricated so the cobot can be cantilevered over a part, table, conveyer, or other desired locations. The structure is very rigid allowing for precise welding or other applications. The positioner is then locked in place at each station corresponding with a given program. 

Why Cobot -REACh

  • Allows to reach multiple stations
  • Allows more than one position per part
  • 320 degree reach at each position
  • Helps manage cabling / hoses
  • Provides a mount for welding feeders
  • Place for torch cleaning station
  • Place for multi tools 
  • Place for glue

Purpose of the Cobot-Reach device:

Because cobots have reach, envelope, and actual limitations their value and usability is also limited. For this reason the was developed.  While other devices exist to help in the reach of the cobot such as linear rail, and vertical lifts. Most of these devices are mechanized with servos or stepper motors which need to be electronically connected and synchronized to the robots control, and programed to sequence the operations. This adds a considerable amount of engineering, complexity, possible loss of rigidity, time and safety considerations and evaluations. This drives the cost of operations up putting some operation out of reach of a reasonable ROI.

Simplicity of operation

Simplicity is a key aspect to the Cobot-Reach. No electrical issues, no motor to synchronize, no IO’s to integrate. Just align the alignment holes and flip the cam to lock the positioner into place at preset locations for each station. Change from one position to another in about 10 seconds.


The Cobot-reach positioner is very safe since it is moved by hand and the precision slew bearing allows free movement.

Large envelope

The large envelope is what makes the Cobot-Reach useful. Your cobot may reach 47” or maybe up to up to 66” but with the Cobot-Reach you can add up to 36” to that. Stack more boxes, weld larger parts, use multiple stations for more throughput and quicker ROI. Can be floor mounted or stub columns for welds tables – Bluco, Siegmund, Stronghand, Buildpro of other modular fixture tables.

Multiple applications

Weather your application is gluing a car headliner, plasma cutting steel plate, picking and placing parts, vision and inspection, loading and unloading two or three CNC machining centers. Or welding a bridge x-bracing  at  a two station array the cobot-reach is a great asset.

High rigidity

Most application require high repeatability with precision and accuracy. The Cobot reach is made with a heavy duty Slew bearing made to withstand  tons of prying action. The frame is designed with heavy duty steel, welded frame able to withstand even the 308Lb Yaskowa  HP20XP cobot.


Actual limitation of application – The actual limitations are defined by the applications the cobot is being used. Example if a cobot has a reach of 47” and is stacking 12” cubic boxes and the grasping device is required to be in the center of the box at the top the reach would be restricted by the size of the box and the angle required to stack the boxes. Also the distance from the base to the top of the box would restrict the lowest and highest the boxes could be stacked. Similarly the left and right axis of a stack would be an actual limitation. Electronic limitation can be added to guard for safety (pinch points) or reasonable equipment usability.

Not only can the Cobot-Reach handle multiple types of applications but because of the heavy duty design. Welding applications can support a feeder with even with dual spools of wire like Lincoln’s hyperfill feeder, cable relief, and torch cleaner, all mounted for quick and easy assembly. Other applications include room to run airlines, electrical, paint, glue and adhesives, even a big screen TV for training application. Ask about our ability to custom make you Cobot -Reach Options are on limited by your imagination.

Easy investment

Because we do not use electric servos of other electrical part we keep the positioner cost down and the application easy (simplicity is key) Get your quote

Cobot–Reach is a company that produces a device that is use to extend the limited operating reach or envelope of a cobot, robot, or other mechanical devices.

The Cobot-Reach device is targeted for use for simple operation, low or no added safety risk, greater envelope, increased applications, high rigidity, multifunctionality, and low upfront investment.



Cobot – A cobot is a collaborative robot.

Collaborative robot – A collaborative robot is a robot that has engineered safety feature built it to allow an operator in close proximity and within its operating envelope of human beings with the purpose of aiding with and cooperating with persons.

Collaborative safety – Cobots are governed by a number of association and codes that consider the safety risk and reasonable operation of collaborating safely with people. Mitigation or reduction of risk by a risk assessment is required.

 Cobot risk assessment – risk assessments are a set of metric used to determine the safety operation of a piece of equipment within a distance where a person could come into contact with a moving part of the cobot and its tools. This includes the possibility of the cobot able to stop motion prior to a person moving into its path. These risk are analyzed by a number of metrics that categorize by types, frequency, speed and possible damage to people they collaborate with. Common considerations are pinch points. Bruising or crushing, and cutting and poking. Note: while no cobot or other mechanize device can be perfect reason must be used of many devices could never be used. Examples – the automobile, a chain saw, a lawnmower and other devices which require safety considerations and operator oversite.

Reach – reach when referring to a cobot, is the distance a cobot can effectively perform operations within its physical envelope and restrictions.

Envelope or shared space – the restrictions a cobot inherently has as well as physical and electronic restriction which limit it movement.